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A time ago I did a little Interview with the amazing team at tigha from the ACTC GmbH. I had to prepare a little presentation for a course at my university. And I have to say it was so much fun!

I got to know the friendliest team. Pia and Asem, the founder of tigha were so kind and patient answering all my amateur-questions. Really, after one hour I was shocked, because I planned to make my visit short so I would not disturb the work of the company.

But I felt so comfortable at the showroom of the newcomer-label from Düsseldorf. It was not much of an interview but a conversation, because the were also interested what I have done until now and what I am really interested in, but enough of these euphoric words!

tigha is as i already mentioned a newcomer-label founded in Düsseldorf in 2009. The founder is Asem Chaudhary. With Pia Thole he forms the initial core of the company. The company is specialised in manufacturing leather jackets with a visible rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Very important is to mention the high quality of the leather goods and the fair price for this dimension of quality.

The idea of the brand is based in the recognition of a market niche. One day Asem was looking for the perfect, cool leather jacket. But he realized that the ones which were at a price he wanted to pay, were not at the quality standard he wished for. Or the other way around the perfect jackets were simply too expensive.

So he launched his own label realizing his vision of high quality leather goods and reasonable, fair prices. The whole team loves their products, which you can see if you try on one of their leather jackets. The design is influenced from independent high fashion and many other factors Asem told me in his interview. But tigha products are never something copied. It is always an interpretation of many factors and facets of the world.

Furthermore tigha stands for classical leather goods in classical colours, so (thank god), they did not jump on the train of the bothersome colour-blocking-trend.

So all in all tigha is a media-shy brand which just wants to speak through their well manufactured goods. I think this is very refreshing these days.

for more information click here!


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