Streets… Hip-pie. Samchongdong.

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Streets of Samchong-dong.

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What I’m doing these days.

Lovely café in Samchong-dong.

Really narrow street.

Welcome to the good life.

Another cool café.

Lilac was everywhere.



Woodkid – Iron

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Sorry for the lack of posts.

A little excuse:

Watch full screen and HD!

Skincare: Victoria’s “Eggwhite Facial Soaps”

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Victoria’s “Eggwhite Facial Soaps”

Yesterday I received a little present. Tiny, blue and cute. It smells like roses.

So I expected nothing big. I mean, I am nearly 20 and I have tried soooo many skin care products…

But now, booombangpow! This is the perfect skin care product.

I am not exaggerating. I have very dry and sensible skin, but still a few impurities.

Last night I used it for the first time and it is such a huge difference. My skin is perfectly moisturized but still not shiny or oily.

My little impurities are gone. And my skin feels like baby-skin.

The soap is from Sweden and its recipe was a tradition. The women there used to make it on their own.

Ingredients like egg-white clear the pores, lanolin moisturizes and rose-water calms your skin down.

So it is nothing special, it is just perfect.

Try Victoria’s “Eggwhite Facial Soaps” (click!)

or visit their homepage (click! )

Matistache goes New York.

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A friend of mine and his “different” collection.

It’s all about beards. But not in faces…

Like or don’t like. I am thinking of ordering a shirt. A mustache never fails. Beards never fail.

Pictures from Justin Violini, NY (click!)


Streets… Hair2. Myeongdong.

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Outfitpost. New In: Cropped shirt.

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Never thought I would buy a cropped shirt…

Never say never!


I bought tickets for a festival in July. This shirt + short pants will be perfect dancing at the beach to Siriusmo sounds!


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